asion of a host of petit●s soldats, amid the enthusiasm and Marsei●llaise singing of the inhabitants; of the sudd■en death by apoplexy of the goo●d Madame Chauvet, and the sudd■en development of business on t●he part of her daughters, who almost immedia●tely had taken th

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e next shop and● launched out into iron wreaths and cross●es, and artificial flowers and funeral ●inscriptions, touching and pious; of the purcha●ses of geese; of the infatuation ●of the elderly Euphémie for the youthful● waiter, erstwhile plo


ngeur of the Café d●e l’Univers; of all sorts and conditi●ons of unimportant happenings; finally o■f the betrothal of Monsieur Lucien Viriot and ■Estelle Mazabois, the daughter of the f■amous Mazabois who kept a great drape●ry establishment o


f Périgueux—“s●he has the dowry of a princess and the head o●f a rocking-horse, so they are ■sure to be happy,” wrote Félise.■ The manner of this last announcement shocked h●im. Félise had changed. She had given him all■ the news, but her letters

had gr●own self-conscious and artificia●l. To avoid the old, artless expres

  • ly; had given him the news, such a■s it was, of Brant?me. S